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Advanced Treatments

Lipodissolve - Double chin treatment

Lipolysis is a fat dissolving treatment. Injections of lipodissolve solution reduces the appearance of a double chin, and can be used in other small problem areas to break down and remove excess fat cells. Typically 2 or 3 treatments are required at least 6-8 weeks apart. Must have a full consultation prior to treatment day.  

Double chin  $700 per treatment. 

Other areas from $400


after one treatment


after three  treatments


after three  treatments

Plasma Pen

Our medical grade cosmetic corrector Plasma Pen is an alternative to skin tightening surgery. Without touching the skin, a plasma arc vapourises the excess skin, tightening the skin immediately surrounding it. Initial swelling and scabbing may last up to a week, and minor pinkness to the area resolves as the skin builds new collagen and skin cells over the next few months. This is easily covered with makeup

More than one treatment may be required depending on the laxity of the skin in the area treated, or the depth of the etched wrinkles we are removing. 

Used to treat - excess upper eyelid skin, lower eyelid bags and wrinkles, skin tags, jawline and lowerface tightening, upper and lower lip lines, reduction of wrinkles to crows feet, frown and forehead. 


From $400 - $1600 


Jawline, cheek, marionette


under eyes


perioral lines

PDO thread collagen induction and skin tightening

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are TGA approved 'Mono threads'. They are designed to revitalize, tighten, and thicken the skin; improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
They are used to treat: Upper face: Eyebrow Lifting

Mid-Lower face: Accordion lines (smile lines), naso-labial folds, perioral lines, marionette lines, jawline and the under-chin region, loose neck skin.

They form a framework for collagen to grow, but do not 'lift' like the longer threads do, they work in conjunction with them to provide skin tightening and firmness. Best results are seen after a few months when your body has had time to regenerate its collagen in the treated area. 

From $250 


Multiple PDO threads treatment

8 weeks post PDO threads

8 weeks post PDO threads

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